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Binance exchange overview.

Cryptocurrency is a digital product that has its own history associated with an unprecedented growth in the rate, excitement around the organization of mining and an increase in the number of similar projects. Over the years of its existence, electronic money has not yet come into official circulation. Today, most of the financial flows of cryptocurrency are active on specialized exchanges. An example of such a site is Binance. This is a fairly young exchange, which was created by a team of Chinese developers. The project has been in existence since 2017.

Initially, the exchange was launched in China. In the first months, the exchange became available in all countries. The site works in several languages, including Russian. I would like to note that the translation was done quite correctly, and translation work is still ongoing. Registration on the site is provided in several modes. There is a simplified procedure that does not require passing an additional identity verification threshold. If verification is passed, the withdrawal amount will be increased.

The functionality of the site is constantly expanded. Here you can buy and exchange currency, store it in a secure section of the site, invest by purchasing financial instruments similar to stock exchange contracts. The cost of resource services in many areas does not exceed the average market price. Binance currently charges a flat fee of 0.1% on every trade, one of the lowest fees that any cryptocurrency exchange has. Replenishment of cryptocurrency accounts on the exchange is free.


On the exchange, you can select a large list of available cryptocurrencies, there are over 80 of them and are constantly being added. The processing speed of transactions on the exchange is very high.
According to the already traditional development strategy, the Binance cryptocurrency exchange announced its own token. Local currency - Binance Coins (BNB). Not so long ago, they launched their blockchain platform Binance DEX.

BNB was already used at the ICO stage to raise funds for the opening, development and support of the project. Most of the attracted investments made it possible to launch the platform Binance. Forecasts of the value of the domestic token are not unambiguous, but in any case, the currency is positioned as a business product.

A little about working on the stock exchange
In order to start trading, it is enough to replenish your account on the stock exchange. The resource has 4 main sections (markets). After choosing one of them, you should choose a currency pair. There are many criteria - dynamics, trend, current quotes, forecast data. To complete a transaction, you need to choose one of three modes. The first is the execution of a command to buy or sell at the current time, called Market, i.e. order execution at the market price. The second option is Limit, after setting the appropriate price, the user's order goes to the execution queue. The transaction will be closed when the specified parameters are reached. The third option involves setting a limit order when a certain market price is reached. It is used as a tool to insure risks against sharp falls. It is designated as stop-limit on the exchange. There are high risks to consider when trading cryptocurrencies.

It is strongly recommended that you set up two-factor authentication immediately after opening an account on the exchange in order to protect your assets.

The exchange supports all major cryptocurrencies.