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Barcelona to issue tokens for fans

FC Barcelona has partnered with Chiliz to issue fan tokens. Barça Fan Tokens are planned to be released in 2020. About forty million coins are being prepared for release. The cost of each is two euros. Each owner will be able to actively participate in the life of the football club, making important decisions at the polls. The platform allows you to earn bonus points for performing actions. Received bonus points can be exchanged for incentives. The more points a user has, the more interesting the reward will be. The fan base of FC Barcelona is three hundred million people. Chiliz has similar agreements with a number of other sports clubs. Sacramento Kings FC, announcing its own voting token, implemented a platform for trading sports equipment.

Josep Pont, head of Barcelonas commercial department, explained the move. Collaboration with blockchain has become part of the clubs impressive strategy. The idea is being implemented with the aim of attracting new fans. According to Josep, this is a chance to conclude a marketing agreement with the digital sphere in order to get closer to the fans.

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