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The number of MetaMask users has exceeded 1 million

A Chrome app called MetaMask has Ethereum wallet capabilities. The client base has over one million users. Trustnodes reported an increase in network activity. During the day, the volume of transactions doubled, stepping over eight hundred thousand. The indicator surpassed the rest of the active blockchains. There is no increase in transaction fees. Charged a few cents for a two minute processing. The MetaMask developers talked about launching the plugin builder. This will reveal many interesting possibilities. The snaps will include various tools to improve security and privacy.

Indicators rise during price fluctuations. In seven days, the price of Ethereum increased by 18%. Community is essential in the DeFi sector. The remaining capital on Ethereum is 1.16 billion. Back in January, the figure remained at $ 670 million. December was an unpleasant event for the app. Google has removed MetaMask from the Android platform permission list. Later, the download capability was restored.