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US Presidential Candidate Will Implement Blockchain Voting

The US presidential candidate raised $ 570 thousand in donations in Bitcoin. How will a US presidential candidate affect cryptocurrency? Benefits of using blockchain in voting.

Bank of America develops multi-layered digital wallet security

BofA will provide a higher level of security system. Content of a patent for a cryptocurrency wallet. System advantages. BofA has banned their customers from making digital currency purchases using their credit cards

Determine the owner of the Yandex.Money wallet

How to find out the owner of Yandex wallet and what to do to get the wrongly transferred funds back? There is a solution!

IP telephony giant Skype to consider Ripple integration

Ripples payment solutions are already being tested by Western Union, as company officials announced in February.

Lightning Network Payments Will Be Available In Microsoft Excel

Bitcoin developer and director of the consulting firm Bitcoin Advisory Pierre Rochard announced this week the launch of a plug-in for Microsoft Excel that will allow Lightning Network transactions directly from the application. Coingape writes about it.

Lightning Network is not a panacea

According to experts, with the implementation of the Lightning Network protocol, the performance of the first cryptocurrency system will significantly increase due to operations outside the Bitcoin distributed ledger. For a long time, the progressive technology was shelved, but at the moment there are already 2,155 nodes using more than 5.5 thousand channels of the alternative network.

Cryptographic Currencies for the Lazy (Part II)

In the final part, we will talk about three more altcoins that allow clients to generate income without doing physical work.

Cryptocurrencies for the lazy (part 1)

A number of digital settlement tools allow cryptocurrency owners to generate income without making any special efforts. It is unlikely that you can make big money in this way, but a nice bonus will never be superfluous. The virtual asset market offers various sources of profit, including long-term investments, trading on exchanges, arbitrage, and other equally effective methods.
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