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The number of MetaMask users has exceeded 1 million

Chrome app called MetaMask has Ethereum wallet capabilities

Launch of TON and Telegrams own cryptocurrency

The sensational blockchain platform TON (Telegram Open Network) with its own cryptocurrency Gram is being prepared for activation by the end of October this year.

Barcelona to issue tokens for fans

FC Barcelona partners with Chiliz to issue Fan Tokens

Development of cryptocurrency in Georgia

At the end of 2017, the media announced the opening of the first electronic cryptocurrency exchange Stock exchange of Georgia and its features. Creation idea. Cointic platform.

Ontologys past and future

Ontology deservedly entered the rating of the most commented digital assets of the last year. ONT rate dynamics. How do I buy coins? Advantages and disadvantages of the coin. Does Ontology have a future?

A blockchain startup for banks received $ 55 million in funding.

The introduction of a system of operational transfers based on blockchain technology into the banks work became a sensation. Features of PNC bank. Prospects for cooperation between the Ripple startup and the financial giant.

Blockchain Wallet owners will be able to make transactions through BitPay

BitPay support has been implemented in Blockchain Wallet. Users can perform any operations without fear for the security of their data. All information will be reliably protected by the Blockchain wallet.

The flood caused serious damage to miners from China

Mining farms in China. About 30% of all Chinese miners are located in the Sichuan province. There are farms that have been badly damaged by rainfall, where tens of thousands of devices have been destroyed that cannot be restored.
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