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Ripple Wouldnt Be Profitable Without XRP Sales

Brad Garlinghouse, who is the CEO of Ripple, talked about most of the profits. It turned out that the lions share of the companys revenue comes from XRP manipulation.

Brad says that if the company hadnt been selling XRP, there would be no main cash flow. Cryptocurrency transactions are profitable, but there are other sources as well. Also, there is finance from the sale of software. Brad sees these two sources as a single system.

Last year, Ripples XRP sales plummeted eighty percent. The colossal decline in sales is associated with a decrease in sales to customers. Also, we practically stopped selling to third-party sources. The coins did not arrive for sale on cryptocurrency exchanges. Garlinghouse shared that Ripple is dedicated to supporting the communities that exploit the companys solutions. Only two hundred financial institutions use Ripple instruments. The form of support by the company depends on the priority and form of the enterprise.

Analyst Peter Brandt has shared his own forecast for XRP. He assures that the rate of the digital currency could fall by 25%. The entrepreneur sells standard electronic assets.