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Launch of TON and Telegrams own cryptocurrency

In the past few months, the entire crypto community of the world is abuzz with the anticipation of a completely new and promising project on the financial market. The sensational blockchain platform TON (Telegram Open Network) with its own cryptocurrency Gram is being prepared for activation by the end of October this year. So the development team has already started giving investors the keys to electronic cash and explaining how they can mine the coin and become validators.

To date, an application for generating TON keys,, has been opened for investors, and a new resource network in beta testing format is available for every interested user. It is the second round of product testing after the first closed inspection in April this year. Since the tests were successful, the launch is scheduled no later than October 31, 2019. The issue of own coins must take place before the specified date. If this does not happen, then the firm will have to reimburse the investors.

The step-by-step instructions for installing the first version are supplemented with the code of the information block chain. Also, on the test page, all beta users can familiarize themselves with an accessible description of the components of the blockchain, the set and the analysis of the Fift programming language, which is widely used to form smart agreements on the platform. In addition, a "browser" was launched for the test version, which is necessary for monitoring financial transactions in the blockchain. It can also be found on the official test page of the project developers.

More about TON

This project is a platform based on an information block chain, protected by a built-in proxy. The platform, formed on the basis of the P2P network, has messaging services, tools for conducting financial transactions in the Gram Telegram currency, resources for storing information and software for decentralized applications.

The concept of a digital product was created by Nikolai and Pavel Durov, thanks to whose efforts this project received sponsorship. They planned to transfer to the base of their popular Telegram messenger.

It is also worth mentioning that this new blockchain network, financial transactions within which, according to the founders themselves, will be verified much faster than on existing similar resources. The developers say that even the famous Bitcoin and Ethereum are inferior to them in terms of efficiency. By the way, the worlds first crypto-coin can provide seven transactions per second, and its competitor Ethereum - 15. Thus, the declared speed is commensurate with the efficiency of the MasterCard and Visa payment resources.

What is Gram for?

Gram TON is the platforms own cryptocurrency. The simplest ways to use it are:

    Wallet - the content of electronic cash in the messenger, privately, without the participation of banking structures and bureaucratic delays.
    Purchase and sale - quickly buy or sell a product is available directly in the Telegram chat.
    Transfers - exchange of coins with other network members without delays and information about the origin of digital money.
    Subscription - charity, paid content, channels or groups.
    Bots - will be able to use the technologies of the chain of information blocks.
    Own cryptocurrency - anyone who wants can generate their tokens on the platform and organize an ICO.

The message on the official Telegram page says that the developers have created not only the coin, but are also going to form their own service for storing them. This wallet will be able to use 200-300 million users.

How do I get coins?

The most affordable and easiest way to buy Gram for a regular user is to use special Telegram bots. It is in this way that the project developers themselves advise to use, however, they note that the methodology is in the stage of formation.

For depositors, getting e-cash is much easier. Investors will be able to get hold of the blockchain cryptocurrency after they create a special crypto wallet. To do this, they will need to download the TON Key Generator software, then use it to issue two encryption keys - a private and an open one. The first will not be known to anyone except the owner himself. The second must be passed to the team of the site. In order to receive coins, investors must provide their public key details by October 16. So Durov will fulfill his obligations under the agreement for the purchase of tokens.

Course and forecast

Regarding the conversion of cash, it is noteworthy that the exchange for a new coin is available only for fiat (real) money. At the moment, we can only speak with confidence about the ratio of Gram to the ruble and the US dollar. But analysts are confident that the yen, yuan and euro will join these two currencies in the near future.This forecast is based on the fact that the Telegram community is quite large and multinational, that is, it consists of users from different parts of the planet. But what is known for sure is that the emission of digital cash will amount to about 5 billion coins.

The development team also states that contributors who participated in the placement of coins have the right to become validators, that is, those who confirm transfers and receive a commission for this. But in their announcement, administrators emphasize that they will not redeem tokens from investors, however, as well as become validators. The contributors themselves must elect the persons who confirm the transactions, since Telegram and the TON Foundation will not occupy this niche after the activation of the network.

The developers have not yet said anything about the cost of the cryptocurrency after the release of the blockchain. However, experts suggest that the price will vary between $ 2 and $ 3 per coin. With the release of tokens on the website of the ychanger exchanger, it will be possible to buy Telegram cryptocurrency or exchange it in a large number of currency pairs. All new items are available on as the service keeps pace with the times.