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How to increase your qiwi wallet limit

The electronic payment system QIWI Wallet, popularly known as Qiwi wallet, is one of the most popular and convenient. It received public recognition from residents of the CIS countries due to its simple and convenient functionality, as well as its accessibility and competent marketing. Payments can be made absolutely anywhere. To do this, it is enough to have a phone with the application installed on it, and a stable Internet connection. At the same time, the system works not only with rubles. The user has access to transfers in dollars, euros, Belarusian rubles and tenge, azn, usz. The service allows its customers to issue a full-fledged bank card, which simplifies payments in retail outlets, as well as cash withdrawals through ATMs.

Qiwi wallet was conceived as an electronic payment system that allows you to pay using mobile devices. For this reason, the user's phone number serves not only to protect the account, but is also an "address" or "identification number".

However, the Qiwi wallet has a number of limitations. One of them is high transaction fees. For example, withdrawing funds from a wallet to a card of another bank. The user will have to pay 50 rubles and a 2% commission.

Another annoying limitation is limits.

The system of restrictions was introduced by the Qiwi wallet administration a long time ago. Until 2013, transactions were completely private, and the user could withdraw only 15,000 rubles in one transaction. The monthly limit was 40 thousand rubles. The reason was that banks blocked such transactions and generally discouraged privacy. In 2013, a new system of restrictions was introduced, which depends on a number of factors.

This is primarily due to the increased security of money on electronic wallets. Secondly, Russia is introducing a cash flow control process, so users have to enter their personal data, otherwise electronic payment systems will severely limit the amount of transfers.

Qiwi wallet is no exception. To carry out large transactions and pay for expensive goods, the user needs to go through identification and enter personal data. This allows you to remove the established restrictions.

There are several levels of identification.

First stage. This process is related to wallet registration. The user specifies his phone number and receives the status "Minimum". At this stage, you do not need to enter personal and passport data. In this case, the functionality of the wallet is very limited. Hard limits do not allow users to use all the features of the system. However, despite this, most Russians use QIW wallets in this format.

The second step is "Basic". To go to this level, the user is prompted to verify their identity. To do this, copies of identity cards and other documents are sent to the central office of the company. In addition, the Visa Qiwi Wallet mobile application allows you to move to the second stage. The user can withdraw 60 thousand rubles at a time. In addition, the monthly limit increases. It is 200 thousand rubles. As a rule, freelancers actively use this level.

The third level is "Professional". This level gives the user full access to the system. It is allowed to store up to 500 thousand rubles, and for transactions, the limits are up to 4 million per month. Full identification can be done only in specialized centers that operate in large cities. A full package of documents is transferred to the office employee, and the corresponding forms are filled out indicating full information about the user. Not all people need such access, but if you often make transfers, this is quite a convenient service.

Thus, for a client planning to receive and withdraw small amounts, the second level is sufficient. To do this, you must specify:

  • surname, name, patronymic;
  • date of birth;
  • series and passport number.

Those people who need unlimited access to the electronic payment system need to come to the QIWI office and verify their identity.

In all cases, the identification procedure is free.

But what to do in cases where it is necessary to get rid of restrictions on payments?

If the limit is reached, you can wait until the beginning of the next month or withdraw funds in small amounts.

If the user has full access and all limits are removed, but the amount is not withdrawn, it means that the security system has reacted and the wallet is temporarily blocked. In these cases, the issue can only be resolved with the help of the technical support service. They will clarify whether the client has accurately completed the transfer, they will ask you to name the amount and the addressee. And if all the data match, they will unlock the wallet and make a transaction.

Qiwi wallet is undoubtedly one of the most reliable electronic payment systems at the moment. If you use it in accordance with all the rules, it will become a real lifesaver in the process of working and storing money. Although the restrictions create a slight inconvenience, it can save the client's finances in certain cases. Moreover, the system provides a large number of legal ways to remove limits and use the wallet anywhere and anytime.