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User agreement with the Bitcoin exchange resource

User agreement with the Bitcoin exchange resource YCHANGER.NET

YCHANGER.NET service use agreement

1. General Provisions

1.1. The agreement establishes the procedure for the provision of services by the online service in the field of electronic currency exchange.

1.2. An online service is understood as an Internet resource called YCHANGER.NET, whose functions include the exchange of electronic and digital currency units.

1.3. Client - an individual or an organization making an exchange through YCHANGER.NET

1.4. Hereinafter, if the Client and the online service are referred to together, then they are referred to as the Parties.

1.5. The parties agree that this Agreement governs the relationship between them in matters relating to the exchange of electronic currencies.

1.6. The legal force of this electronic Agreement is not inferior to a written document.

1.7. This Agreement plays the role of a public offer. Its acceptance is made through the submission by the Client of an application for an exchange operation through the online service YCHANGER.NET

2. Subject of the Agreement

2.1. The YCHANGER.NET online service provides the services specified in chapter 4 of the Agreement, and the Client complies with the standards specified in chapter 9 of the Agreement. The procedure for the provision of services is established by the internal regulations of the online service. The provisions of the Regulation are established in Chapter 5 of the Agreement.

2.2. The client must pay for the online service in accordance with the conditions stipulated by the Agreement.

3. Mutual obligations of the Parties

3.1. The YCHANGER.NET online service is obliged to:

3.1.1. To exchange electronic money of payment systems Qiwi, Perfect Money, Payeer, Advanced Cash, Yandex.Money and title units of a number of other EPS (electronic payment systems) on the basis of the standards stipulated by the Agreement.

3.1.2. Provide the Client with informational and technical support during the transaction, using the capabilities of the online resource YCHANGER.NET.

3.1.3. Guarantee the protection of information regarding completed transactions, including the personal data of the Client, the time of making money transfers, and their size. This information is available to the Client who made the transaction. If the operation was carried out through a confidential payment system, then information about it falls into the category of confidential and is not subject to disclosure.

3.1.4. Prevent the transfer of information about completed transactions to third parties. The following cases do not fall under this rule: If the court, whose jurisdiction extends to the location of the Online Service, has made a relevant decision that has entered into legal force; Upon receipt of an official request from law enforcement or tax structures that operate at the location of the Online Service; If there is an appeal from the administration of payment systems - partners of the Online Service.

3.1.5. Carry out operations taking into account the personal discount of the Client.

3.1.6. Transfer money to the Client or to a third party no later than 24 hours after the filing of a claim for violations related to non-compliance with the standards specified in clauses 3.2.5, 5.4, 5.5 or 5.6 of the current Agreement.
3.2. Obligations of the Client:

3.2.1. Provide correct details and personal information to complete the payment.

3.2.2. Indicate the current E-mail for receiving messages from the Online Service.

3.2.3. Be able to connect to the network using specialized equipment. Provide a secure connection to the Online Service using reliable antivirus software.

3.2.4. Comply with the provisions of the Agreement.

3.2.5. Notify the online support staff of the YCHANGER.NET Online Service about situations when the money transfer was not carried out in full or partially, as well as about the cases specified in clauses 5.4. — 5.6. of the current Agreement. The notification must be sent no later than one month after the transaction. Otherwise, the client"s funds transferred by request will go to YCHANGER.NET.

3.2.6. Comply with the requirements of regulatory enactments governing the procedure for performing an exchange.

3.2.7. Refrain from using systems to improperly increase traffic.

3.2.8. The client is prohibited from creating multiple orders in order to use the exchange service as a source of final profit due to the difference in service rates.
3.3. YCHANGER.NET exchanger has the right to:

3.3.1. Temporarily suspend activities for the duration of the modernization or to remove malfunctions arising in the exchange resource.

3.3.2. Stop the process of making a money transfer until the circumstances are clarified, if a complaint is made about the commission of fraud, or there is an official request from the competent authorities.

3.3.3. Form a system of discounts.

3.3.4. Determine the size of the commission for making an exchange in a specific direction.

3.3.5. Refuse to provide services to the Client without giving reasons.

3.3.6. If the transaction did not go through as a result of an error, then the exchange service has the right to request additional information from the Client (for example, a screenshot of an electronic wallet) via mail or phone.

3.3.7. Stop the conversation with the Client who behaves incorrectly with the service staff, asks extraneous questions or refuses to provide the necessary information.

3.3.8. Block a money transfer upon the occurrence of the circumstances specified in clauses 5.4. — 5.6. Agreement or Regulations.

3.3.9. If necessary, block the operation and freeze funds on the user"s account until the person is identified and the truth of the data recorded in the system by the Client is established.

3.4. In the event of illegal enrichment on a third-party exchange service and the discovery of this fact, the exchange service has the right to delay the processing of the application until the reasons are clarified and compensation for losses incurred by the other exchange service.

3.5. The exchange service has the right to change the conditions for the referral program.

3.6. The exchange service has the full right, one way, to cancel the previously provided discount. Without explaning the reason.

3.7. It is forbidden to use the exchange service in order to earn money through arbitration, if these actions are detected, the service will cancel your application and the commission for the refund will be withheld from the client.

3.8. Due to the specifics of cryptocurrency networks, the User acknowledges and agrees that depositing and receiving Cryptocurrencies can take from one (1) hour to seventy two (72) hours, not counting cases of unforeseen or unavoidable network problems.

3.8.1 The exchange service has the right to recalculate your application at the time of a sharp drop in the rate of the cryptocurrency, in cases where you and / or the service from which you made the withdrawal indicated / indicated a commission insufficient for quick confirmation, as a result of which the cryptocurrency received confirmation after more than an hour.

3.9. The exchange service does not provide a history of exchanges made by the user.

3.10. In the direction of hryvnia, Belarusian rubles and tenge, the exchange service sends in rubles. In this regard, the amount that will be credited to your account in hryvnia, Belarusian rubles or tenge will differ from the amount stated on the website. This is due to the fact that the conversion from rubles to hryvnia, Belarusian rubles or tenge is made by your bank and the conversion rate depends only on the bank to which the rubles were sent. In addition, banks charge a commission for conversion, which must also be taken into account. The exchange service warns you about this at the stage of creating an application, after which you click the "I agree" button thereby confirming that you agree that you will receive an amount less than the amount specified when creating an application.

3.11. In cases where, after processing the client"s application, the PS, the bank, or the exchange or other payment instrument to which the client was sending the client requested a refund from the exchange service, at the next request, the exchange service has the right to withhold funds from the client in the amount of the refund. In this situation, the client assumes all the proceedings with the payment system.

4. List of services

4.1. The online service YCHANGER.NET carries out the exchange of electronic currencies of Qiwi, Payeer, Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Yandex.Money and other types of EPS title units using the services of banking structures. The list of partners can be found on the information resource of the online exchange service YCHANGER.NET.

4.2. The online service does not verify the legality of the origin of the money used to carry out exchange transactions.

5. Regulation of exchange operations

5.1. YCHANGER.NET employees carry out the transfer only upon receipt of money from the Client to make a payment. If clients send funds in cryptocurrency, the application will be processed only after the cryptocurrency is confirmed on the service wallet.

5.2. The exchange is considered complete after the money is transferred to the details provided by the Client.

5.3. The client does not have the right to cancel the started transfer and cannot return the money already sent.

5.4. If the Client has made a payment, the value of which does not coincide with the amount indicated in the application, the administration of the Online Service has the right to suspend the transaction. The operation will be resumed after the Client"s request is based on clause 3.2.5 of the Agreement. In this case, the Online Service will transfer the funds actually received at the rate set at the beginning of the transaction. The exchange service also has the right to edit the amount in the application and recalculate it at the current rate.

5.5. YCHANGER.NET terminates the transaction if incorrect details are indicated. If it is impossible to change the details, the money is returned to the Client after his request on the basis of clause 3.2.5. In this case, the Exchanger withholds a commission from the specified amount and a penalty - 2% of the transfer.

5.6. If the invoice was paid from a third party account or the notes to the payment were changed, the Exchanger blocks the transaction. Refunds are made upon the Client"s request based on clause 3.2.5. minus a commission and a penalty of 1% of the transfer.

5.7. If an online service is exchanged for Bitcoin cryptocurrency, then the passage of the transaction to the user in the Bitcoin network depends on the workload of the Bitcoin network itself. The passage of a transaction on the Bitcoin network can take from 15 minutes to several days. YCHANGER.NET is not responsible for the speed of transactions in the Bitcoin network and cannot influence them in any way.

5.8. The client must make a payment on the application within 20 minutes in order to avoid recalculating the application at the current rate or deleting it. When funds are received from the Client later than the time established by the Regulations, the exchange service reserves the right to recalculate the application at the current rate.

5.9. The client is prohibited from transferring funds to the wallet of the exchange service after the time provided for payment of the application has expired. After the time for making the payment expires, you need to create a new application in which new details and time for making a payment for this application will be provided.

5.10. It is forbidden to use mass mailing of messages to promote your affiliate link and advertising materials on pyramids, HYIPs, Buxes, surfing and similar sites, as well as create an account on your own behalf, from one ip address of the partner and the referral. In case of violation of the terms of the Affiliate Program when these facts are discovered, the Site Administration can cancel the partner"s bonuses or freeze his account.

5.11. When making an exchange for an amount less than 5000 in the directions to Bitcoin, Litcoin, EXMO-checks and Etherium, as well as for an amount less than 3000 in all other directions. additional commission will be charged to the client. The calculation of the application on the site will be indicative, not accurate.

5.12. The exchange service is not responsible for delays in transferring to our bank details. When sending to TELE2 mobile communication, the exchange service must receive funds on the day the application is created. If the funds are not received on the SIM during the day the application was created, the funds will be lost. The exchange service does not refund in this case.

5.13. Deadlines for crediting cross-border payments, i.e. payments to other countries (not Russia) are regulated by banks and the exchange service is not responsible for delays in this type of transfer.

5.14. If the amount of exchange for bitcoin does not exceed 3000 rubles, the transaction will be sent to the network with a minimum commission, which can lead to significant delays in the confirmation of the transaction.

5.15. In a situation where the client made a payment for the details that were provided to him earlier in the application, the time of which has expired, the exchange service reserves the right to refuse to process the application and to return the funds. These restrictions are associated with the internal regulations of the exchange service. It is STRICTLY prohibited to transfer funds to the wallet that was provided to you in the application, which has expired.

6. Warranties and liability of the Parties

6.1. The YCHANGER.NET online service is not responsible for the consequences of incorrect operation of the resource and for mistakes made by the Client when placing an application. The operation cannot be canceled, and the money cannot be returned, even if the Client has indicated incorrect payment details.

6.2. The online service is not responsible for damage caused by the inability to operate the equipment by the Client as a whole or its components.

6.3. YCHANGER.NET is not responsible for payment delays due to the actions of financial institutions or electronic payment systems, including exchanges, banks, PS and other payment aggregators.

6.4. The exchanger is not responsible for losses or non-receipt of income if they arose as a result of erroneous representations by the Client regarding tariffs or the profitability of transactions.

6.5. YCHANGER.NET service is not responsible for financial losses incurred due to translation delays.

6.6. The client confirms that he has a legal basis for disposing of the money used to complete the transaction.

6.7. The client agrees to compensation for damage to third parties if the reason for its occurrence was the exploitation of the resource.

6.8. The YCHANGER.NET service is not responsible for blocking your accounts / cards when interacting with the details indicated on our website and does not compensate for any losses associated with blocking accounts / cards.

7. Changes to the terms of the Agreement

7.1. The administration of the Online Service has the right to edit this Agreement, as well as any information on the site at any time. Changes become effective after they are published on the official website YCHANGER.NET. The Agreement can be changed by the Administration without any notification to the User.

8. Force majeure

8.1. The parties are not responsible for non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of the terms of the Agreement if the reason for this was force majeure circumstances. They include war, natural disasters, fire, riot, decision of the authorities, terrorist attack, riots. In addition, they include a failure in the operation of the power grid, lack of access to the global network or other systems. Also, force majeure refers to situations when the application cannot be processed (or was processed, but the funds were not credited) due to the incorrect operation of a third-party service (exchange, payment system, bank), since the exchange service cannot affect their work.

9. Terms of the exchange

9.1. The administration prohibits the use of this Online Service for fraudulent or other illegal transactions. For an attempt to make an exchange using money of doubtful origin, the Client will be liable in accordance with the laws of the country in the jurisdiction of which the transaction was made.

9.2. The YCHANGER.NET exchange resource can transfer information about payments, the illegality of which was established, to law enforcement agencies, the administration of the payment system, as well as to the victim at his request.

9.3. The exchange is carried out only upon the fact that the Client withdraws money from his virtual wallet. However, he bears personal responsibility for the legality of the sources of their receipt.

9.4. The bank transfer is performed through the Internet banking service of the payment system chosen by the client. If the transaction involves making a payment to a Sberbank card, the commission will be 1% of the transfer amount. If the application is created with the help of a bank operator or using an ATM, the money must be returned no later than one day after its receipt. Refunds to the client are made in accordance with clauses 3.2.5., 5.4.-5.6. present agreement.

9.5. The online service is not responsible for transfers made for the Client by third parties.

9.6. If the Client has clicked on the "Start exchange" button, he unconditionally accepts the terms of the Agreement.

9.7 The exchange service is not responsible if the client has not indicated a tag or payment id, memo, message for the ripple, monero, nem, stellar, eos cryptocurrencies, respectively. We do not provide screenshots / photos, videos of these cryptocurrency wallets. If funds were not received due to the fact that the tag / payment id / memo / message was not specified, all responsibility lies with the client.

10. Direction "Purchase from card" and "Visa / Mastercard UAH"

10.1. Provision of services in the direction of "Purchase from a card" about "Visa / Mastercard UAH" there is a third-party service by providing access to the Ensent 4Bill merchant, respectively. The Ychanger online service is not the owner of the Ensent service, and the Ychanger online service employees are not employees of the Ensent service. In connection with the foregoing, the Ychanger Online Service does not regulate the operation of the Ensent service, is not responsible for its performance, and in cases of disputes between the user of the Ychanger Online service and the Ensent service, it is only an intermediary in the settlement of the dispute.

10.2. The KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure is a set of identification operations in the anti-money laundering (AML) system.

10.3. The Ychanger online service may request the user to undergo the KYC procedure, without giving any reason.

10.4. The passage of the KYC procedure by the user can be requested by the security officers of the Ensent service.

10.5. The security service of the Ychanger Online service and / or the Ensent service has the right to refuse to process the application and freeze funds (including irrevocably) in case of refusal to go through the KYC procedure and in cases where the user refuses to provide the necessary requested information.

10.6. The necessary conditions and requirements for passing the KYC procedure, for unfreezing funds, are provided to the user by means of an e-mail message at the time of the occurrence of a situation requiring this verification.

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