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A brief overview of the EXMO, Poloniex, Livecoin exchanges.

Most of the cryptocurrency exchanges of the year are English-speaking, which can cause some difficulties for beginners when familiarizing themselves with the operation of the interface. Bitcoin can be monetized mainly in USD, although some exchanges allow you to withdraw the earned cryptocurrency in rubles. To work with them, you must have at least an initial level of English and have access to electronic money systems. Cryptocurrency exchanges can be considered a kind of analog of trading, such as Forex. Each participant, having contributed real money, can perform operations to analyze bets on electronic currency, receive signals, sell and exchange bitcoins and other popular types of cryptocurrencies for real money. Below is a brief description of the exchanges that our site uses in its work.


According to the exchange itself, “ is a transaction platform that provides secure purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies between users with a wide range of deposit and withdrawal methods, as well as providing the most complete set of exchange instruments. It is important to understand that the platform itself buys nothing, does not sell anything and in no way can influence the rates of the traded currency pairs. It only takes a certain percentage (0.2%) of the amount of your transaction as a commission for ensuring the safety and convenience of your trading. " The exchange has been operating since 2001.

Verification for most operations is not mandatory, but if you want to withdraw money via bank transfer (SEPA / Wire Transfer), Skrill, Neteller, Payza payment systems or withdraw USD and EUR to a bank card, you need to go through three-level verification.

The EXMO platform contains two trading modes:

    The "Exchange" mode is ideal for those who want to buy or sell cryptocurrency, but are using this platform for the first time in their life and are not yet familiar with all its features, are not interested in trading and just want to invest in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, because they believe that these cryptocurrencies will rise in value for several years, do not want to understand the details of the process, but think that they can predict changes in exchange rates and want to make money on it.
    Bidding mode is for those who want to buy or sell cryptocurrency / fiat money and who have experience in trading on similar platforms or who have at least read the FAQ carefully. They are very interested in trading as well as additional tools for deep trading.

For professional traders, the developers of the exchange have invented and integrated into the system several useful payment instruments: the Stopploss loss limitation system, the ability to deactivate the field with the sell price and change the value in it to another (Trailingstop), lending services, drawing up buy and sell orders to purchase currency by low price and its subsequent sale at the price indicated by the client. 


Poloniex is a global trading leader that was founded in 2014. Here, most often miners put up currency for sale, so most transactions take place here. The downside is that there is no fiat money (dollars and rubles) on the exchange. Its replenishment is carried out exclusively with cryptocurrencies. The interface is presented exclusively in English.

The Poloniex cryptocurrency exchange is quite popular due to its simplicity of work, there are no heaped columns of rates and options, complex combinations and parameters, you can also not go through full verification (just indicate your name and country) if you are not going to withdraw currency from the exchange every day in an amount greater than for $ 2000. If your turnover allows you to exceed this amount - fill in more detailed information about the address, phone number and identification data.

The exchange uses a standard model that actively stimulates market liquidity, each user can receive a lower commission for making transactions. The higher the volume of completed transactions in one month, the lower the commission for all subsequent completed transactions. This model is especially important for the Poloniex exchange, as it supports over 60 cryptocurrencies, and all of them need to provide large trading volumes.

Due to the high popularity of the exchange, Poloniex has a large number of phishers - scammers who steal data from users personal accounts. But the system also does not stand aside and protects its users, developing more and more new ways to track suspicious transactions. If strange and uncharacteristic movements are detected on the platform, it blocks the deposit and does not allow any operations to be performed until the circumstances with the account user are clarified. Thanks to this, Poloniex is among the most reliable cryptocurrency exchanges, despite the activity of hackers.


This exchange is intended for trading and exchanging cryptocurrencies. LiveCoin was registered in 2014 and since then has managed to acquire a list of clear advantages:

- all the cryptocurrency presented on the exchange is in demand and can be used for a variety of operations;

- there are no limits on the withdrawal of funds, in addition - it is carried out as soon as possible;

- quick deposit of money to the account and their subsequent withdrawal are possible in a variety of ways;

- there is not only the possibility of trading on the stock exchange, but also a regular exchange office, which makes it possible to exchange one type of currency for another;

- the exchange cooperates with such well-known payment systems as OkPay, Payeer, Capitalist, PerfectMoney;

- a bonus program is provided for users with an accrual from 0.01 to 0.1 rate of remuneration;

- there are both English and Russian versions of the site.

A significant advantage of this exchange is its multilingualism: in the upper left corner you can set the interface language by choosing any of the nine world languages, including Russian. There are also training videos that allow novice miners to learn the basics of working with cryptocurrency and analyzing orders on the exchange. Opening and funding an account is quite easy: LiveCoin works with several electronic money systems, including Payeer, Capitalist, Wire Transfer. For beginners, a brief illustrated instruction "Where to start" will be useful, which explains in simple language how to work with the exchange (deposit money, place bets, buy and sell cryptocurrency and withdraw the earned funds). A feature of the exchange, which some miners consider a disadvantage, is a different visualization of the market overview in the form of tables, not graphs.

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