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Cryptographic Currencies for the Lazy (Part II)

In the final part, we will talk about three more altcoins that allow clients to generate income without doing physical work.


This cryptocurrency is a distributed network of trust created to conduct safe transactions. The Ontology platform offers collaboration to various projects, providing unique opportunities for development. The system used the VBFT consensus algorithm, which generates income for clients. The online platform supports two types of tokens - ONT and ONG. The first of them is used by network services, while the second is used when conducting transactions. It is enough to have the main digital coins of the payment system, and additional ones will come to the wallet automatically. A special calculator allows you to determine the amount of ONG received by the client. The purchase of ONT tokens is offered by trading platforms Binance,, as well as a number of other services.


Cryptocurrency is used in blockchain management. Users can independently change the consensus algorithm. Thus, the developers managed to avoid the problems that the Bitcoin Core team had to deal with. Altcoin Decred uses a unique hybrid system to complement the benefits of PoS and PoW. It is a lot like the Proof-of-Activity (PoA) algorithm, which allows Decred network participants to choose the most comfortable principle of finding consensus at the time of the operation.

The use of a universal architecture guarantees block mining, as in the Bitcoin network, and also allows voting as in a PoS scheme. This helps to conveniently introduce structural changes in the system, add new functions and implement other reforms. The plebiscite on the platforms is realized through the purchase of tickets. For some time, the client is blocked with a fixed amount in DCR tokens. The reward of users in the system is currently 30% of the total profit.

To count on passive income on the Decred platform, you need to follow simple steps:

    Create, set up a Decred digital wallet and deposit funds there.
    Select the desired pool for voting and log in to the web resource.
    Purchase tickets to participate in the plebiscite.

Digital coins of the payment network are bought on the trading platforms Poloniex, Bittrex and others.

The Storj cryptocurrency combines the functions of a protocol and a decentralized application platform, offering clients to store information in a distributed, secure form. The developers used several features of Bitcoin - encryption with different keys, an operation log and a number of options that increase the degree of reliability. Storj nodes are computers with special software installed, which allows you to offer resources for sending data and storing it. Service payments are made in internal tokens.

Unlike a number of cryptocurrencies that we wrote about earlier, clients will need some investments to generate income. The user must provide free space on his hard disk and provide bandwidth on the system. But if you have an empty space on your PC and good access to the Global Network, it is very easy to set up earnings. There is no calculator for determining the profit on altcoin, since the latter depends on a number of factors. These include the number of potential participants in the system, their activity at the moment and the quality of the services provided. Today, Storj tokens are traded on the trading platforms Bittrex, Binance, and others.

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