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Ontology deservedly entered the rating of the most commented digital assets of the last year. The public was pleasantly surprised when the startup burst into the top twenty electronic units in just 90 days.

The parent of the crypt is OnChain, known to professional traders for its two developments. Among them are NEO and Ontology. Predictably, the systems are closely related. By the end of 2018, the developers planned to launch a full-fledged Mainnet platform. Great hopes were pinned on it - the system should bring the coin to the TOP-10.

To most audiences, Ontology appears to be a mysterious project with little promise.

The story of the emergence of a new crypt

The project was entirely created and promoted by the Chinese firm OnChain. She previously appeared with the NEO project, which gave her worldwide fame.

The new coin was launched back in 2017. The Ontology project was launched without the ICO procedure, which already sets the crypto apart from other currencies. The developers decided to airdrop with the following asset allocation:

    12-13% of coins passed into the possession of NEO custodians;
    25-26% were acquired by big players on the crypto market;
    the rest of the coins were transferred to the developers, the board of directors.

But this was only the beginning of the division of the currency. In 2018, the team carried out the second drop. The reason is simple: the launch of a working blockchain network. NEO contributors who participated in the first round were able to earn even more new coins. But the main share of assets still belongs to creators and investors.

What is special about Ontology Coin? Technology and innovation

The project is a multi-level network structure. The technology diagram looks like this:

    two levels of blockchain chains;
    modular configuration;
    a new and completely original network consensus algorithm.

Each level represents a separate stage of stream processing:

    The Ontology platform connects its blockchain with others in lower lanka. Different companies have the ability to create, run applications on any flow chain. Management is possible through a single Ontology network compatible with the NEO system.
    The second layer allows customers to use the provided tools to create fully decentralized products.
    The upper level opens up possibilities for creating any kind of application. At this stage, users will be able to customize even personal protocols.

The main goal of the platform is to implement a single structure that unites blockchain and economy. Ontology is actively promoting ONT ID-identification technology. The function is used to verify a client, but there is a peculiarity here - a person maintains his confidentiality even when passing the verification.

The peculiarity of the young network is the speed of data processing: about 5000 operations are performed per second, which is quite good. It should be noted that the NEO platform cannot boast of such indicators and privacy when working on the network.

Course dynamics

As of August 2019, the ONT token is worth 79 cents on the market. The annual dynamics of the currency shows interesting indicators: the rate fell to 0.40-0.45 and rose to 2.20 dollars. This is the main “corridor” of price fluctuations.

The coin reached its maximum quotation last fall. In winter, the currency was expected to decline. The drop was critical and scared the players. The winter mark was the lowest in history. Midsummer saw the price rise to $ 2 per coin. But the joyful period did not last long - by the beginning of autumn the crypt had descended.

How do I buy coins?

An important point to keep in mind for potential players interested in a new platform: ONT is an intrasystem unit of Ontology. Accordingly, all operations, commissions, transactions are performed in this currency. But dont forget about the Ontology course. It is subject to fluctuations that are natural for a young crypt, which can negatively affect the exchange.

Keepers of NEO coins can receive the asset The developers went for a trick: for 1 neo client they will credit 2 ONTs, thereby popularizing the coin. But as soon as the currency entered the exchange trading, a large number of ONT sellers for the fiat dollar formed. Clients decided to remove the asset from their portfolios and switch to short-term trading with more stable crypto coins.

Cryptocurrency Ontology: advantages and disadvantages

ONT has enough positive features:

    Consistently good developer reputation. Since 2014, Onchain has not only become famous for the NEO product, but also for joining the world Hyperledger project.
    Professional developers with extensive experience. Hong Li, Honglei Kong, Ning Hu are Asian pros in the virtual currency segment. Together with them work 20 more specialists.
    Investments from the largest investors and funds.
    A focus on real business.
    Real solutions to privacy issues.

A few points that can scare away depositors:
a close relationship between Ontology and NEO, which could turn into competition;
suspicious and unusual rejection of the ICO procedure;
“Revolutionary” business solutions are not yet ready to integrate into real companies.

Despite the well-reasoned disadvantages, the crypto market quickly adopted the new development.

Does Ontology have a future?

Right now, the client can buy the Ont token for the usual fiat dollars. But does this mean a lot of trust and stability in the system? Not at all. Most users see Ontology as a minor addition to NEO. This scares off part of the audience.

Lets take a real look at the situation: as soon as specialists adapt the ONT platform for popular digital currencies, the system is activated at full capacity. Its rapid development will begin, including a rise in prices. The areas of use of coins will expand significantly, which will inevitably interest large businesses.

If the creators of Ontology choose the right vector of development, implement the announced plans and ideas, the system will immediately raise its positions in the list of top cryptocurrencies. At the moment, analysts advise against buying large volumes of ONT coins. An alternative option is to wait for a deep trend correction and a fall in prices by 10-12%. At this moment, it is important to have time to buy tokens.

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